Sunday , 1 February 2015

UK Citizens Can Now Send and Receive Money Exclusively Via Gmail


Google Wallet is just one of many services provided by Google that have turned out so interlaced in our everyday lives that we barely notice it. And if you possess an Android device and have every experienced purchasing any app from the App Store that money did actually get wired through this very service. The payment means is now getting ... Read More »

New Web Browser ‘Vivaldi’ launched for Power Users


Soon after Microsoft publicizing its new browser – Project Spartan -, we are going to be facilitated with another newfangled competitor in the browser world, and that is Vivaldi. Currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the new arrival is still in its upbringing but affords a bunch of characteristics that integral Opera users may memorize. Vivaldi supports mouse motions ... Read More »

1Password Launched Two-Factor Support for iOS


Biggest news of the day is that the popular password management app “1Password” has introduced latest login creator tool 5.2 for iOS that enables the users setting up entries for popular social media services and websites. This new feature is available for 1Password users. This new edition tool is capable of providing two factor codes. By this new login creator, ... Read More »

WhatsApp Launches WhatSim Allowing Numerous Messaging


WhatsApp gained massive fame across Europe and around the globe by affording a free substitute to SMS on your smartphone, but you still require a cell or WiFi connectivity. Now, one company is interceding with a dedicated SIM Card that guarantees to give limitless messaging against just €10 annually. WhatSim Card slides into your cell just like your regular Sim ... Read More »

Download Windows 10 January Preview Containing Cortana and Xbox App


As the tech world progressively absorbs the chief Windows keynote event earlier this week, Microsoft, without wasting time, pushes out the advanced Technical Preview of Windows 10, which can be seized and installed now. With so many enthralling publications having been done during the past up to 48 hours, there is obviously a well-known hopefulness of the direction the application ... Read More »

iOS Apps With No Backdoor Access to be Banned in the UK


Any iOS app without backdoor entrée might be debarred from the UK. In the aftermath of a giant tragedy in Paris the UK Prime Minister vowed to ban any encrypted messaging app [iOS, Android or any other platform] and these are not merely uttered words to fright developers and leading companies. Inside the US, various companies see themselves restricted in ... Read More »

Download Free Widget That Brings Animated Countdown Timer to iOS 8


Have a special occasion you are impatient about? Are you anticipating to it so much that you see yourself wondering merely how many days you must wait before the approaching of that special day? It might be some sort of celebration, a party, a birthday, wedding day or just a peculiar night. Whatever it may be for the excitement, SNOWidget ... Read More »

Facebook Open-Sources its Deep-Learning AI Services


Evolution in science and technology boosts when scientists share not merely their outcomes, but also their equipments and techniques. This is one of the reasons why Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is dedicated to open science and to open sourcing its tools. Facebook is openly offering some of its mechanisms as the company’s synthetic research team have publicized that it is ... Read More »

Auto Changing Wallpapers in iOS 8 Devices


It would be nice to experience the automatic replacement of home or lock screen wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad devices. If you are a user of iOS and want to enjoy this new feat, the following details are here to prompt you how to make your device change the wallpaper after set intervals. So, the first and far most ... Read More »

Firefox 35 Launches Video Chat Service


Today, Mozilla released the most advanced version of Firefox – that’s 35 if you are still holding track. Alongside innumerable tiny updates, including support for MP4 video on OS X Snow Leopard, Firefox now comes with a simplified version of the free WebRTC-based Firefox Hello video chat service. These plugin-free video chats can be launched in the similar passion as ... Read More »

Google is Ready to Launch a Real-Time Voice Translator on Mobile


A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft Skype had launched a utility for real-time translation of human speech. Now it is Google’s turn to take initiative in this regard. In reference to a report published in New York Times, the Google is all set to unveil an updated version of its Google Translate tool for Android. The update will take in ... Read More »

Evernote Launched ‘Scannable’ iOS App


Evernote, on Friday, released a novel iPhone and iPad app that adds scanning to its assortment of readily presented solutions. The latest Evernote Scannable app had turned up primarily in 2013 as a beta cater and is now openly offered in the iOS App Store. Much like contending scanning utilities, Evernote Scannable takes in an automated scanning utility that allows ... Read More »

Google Release a Tool to Check If Users Are Looking at Video Ads


This year Google decided to be more transparent with the video advertisers and marketer about video ads  whether the consumers are watching their ads or ignoring or skipping it. This giant news announced on January 6, 2015 at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), held in Las Vegas. At launching ceremony, the vice president of video advertising of Google, Neal Mohan, told ... Read More »

Hackers are Capable to Unblock iPhone by Reproducing Fingerprints from Public Photos


Mostly iPhone users do believe that fingerprint scanning technique is the ideal way to protect their device. This adaptation is considered to be a distinguished way to lock device and that nobody can breach this security system to get access into someone’s iPhone. But, what if this technique too may not keep your iPhone protected anymore? It is anonymously figured ... Read More »