Saturday , 20 December 2014

How to Replace ‘4G Logo’ with ‘LTE’ in iPhone Status Bar


In this article we will go through a simple technique to know how to exchange the ‘4G’ logo in your iPhone status bar with ‘LTE’. It might be taken that ‘LTE’ would be much better and unique seeing instead of ‘4G’, but where this tweak could actually thrive is in tricking your friends into thinking you have been subject to ... Read More »

Microsoft Launches Preview of Real-Time Translator for Skype Calls

Skype preview translator

A preview version of real-time translator for Skype calls had been launched by Micros. “We have invested in speech recognition, automatic translation and machine learning technologies for more than a decade, and now they are emerging as important components in this more personal computing era,” VP Gurdeep Pall – Microsoft corporate – wrote in a blog. Redmond had formerly disclosed ... Read More »

How to restore Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps, Sources from a Backup on iPhone

how to restore jailbreak cydia apps, tweaks and sources

The iPhone users often find themselves in a fix in restoring backed-up Cydia jailbreak tweaks, apps and sources. The solution to this apparent problem is here as the below is a complete step-by-step instruction on how to restore backed-up Cydia jailbreak tweaks, apps, and sources on your iPhone or iPad. Whole detail on how to do so is right here. ... Read More »

How to Avoid Ringing iPhone Calls on iPad and Mac

iPhone 6 review (2)-580-90

With the arrival of iOS 10.8 and OS X Yosmite, a common problem has been faced by the uses, that is, each time a telephone call comes in on their iPhone, their iPad and Mac also begin receiving the ‘ring’. The solution to this vexing problem is very simple as the users would certainly be expecting that it relies on ... Read More »

iPhone6 can now be used with Typo2 BlackBerry Hardware Keyboard

typo2 BlackBerry keyboard for iPhone6

Typo, the holder + physical keyboard crossbreed for the iPhone is back. Typo2 for the iPhone 6 currently is obtainable and the company behind it has premeditated the keyboard from the ground up to keep away from more legal challenges that Typo was prone to with its real formation. When Typo initially shipped its substantial keyboard for the iPhone5/5s, the ... Read More »

PlayStation Network Taken Down by Hacker group “Lizard Squad”

lizard group's hacking

If you are a Sony Play Station user then you will be definitely facing the problem of login into your PSN account and receiving the message, We are unable to login to your account right now and will come within short interval of time. Here is the answer why you are unable to login to your account. Lizard Squad, a ... Read More »

Download Skype’s New Communication App Wire

Skyp lounches new app Wire

Being aware of a thing or two about forming a popular digital communications platform used across the world, the Skype cofounder sets to launch a new startup after the name ‘Wire’, sounds as a ‘modern communications network’. Seems like yet another messaging app, Wire comes with more simplified and delightful conversations to your mobile, tablet, and desktop. Worked at Skype ... Read More »

Top Tech Gifts to buy and to skip this Holiday

top tech gifts to skip this holiday

If holidays are associated with recreation and exchanging gifts with one another, life becomes more delightful. It is because presenting gifts helps building congenial relations. But sometimes it gets irritating when you can’t decide what to choose for to presenting as a gift. The following list contains the most popular tech gifts among the people now-a-days. SMS Audio Biosport in-ear ... Read More »

Amazing List of Top Tech Internship Salaries

amazing list of tech salaries

If you was feeling a bit more satisfied with your life and career picks today, here is a detail of the pay packages that are apparently offered to software engineering interns now-a-days by tech firms. The salary and housing allowance ranging from $9,000 to $10,000 a month isn’t seem insufficient. The cheapest among the list is evaluated to $84,000 annual. ... Read More »

TinyUmbrella Startup Error Help – How to fix


TinyUmbrella is an amalgamation of two prior utilities, both of which were written by semaphore. It requires Java and iTunes to be installed. (Windows users need the 32-bit version of Java, regardless of OS architecture). However, there have been some issues faced by the users which dried to install and run TinyUmbrella on Windows operating system. A common issue which ... Read More »

iOS in the Car Models and Manufacturers for Apple CarPlay


Previously launched as iOS in the Car, CarPlay is a standard developed by Apple Inc. to let devices running the iOS operating system to function with built-in display units of automobile dashboards. It is available for all iPhones that use the lightning connector and operate iOS 7.1 or later. CarPaly aimed at providing direct access to iOS device functionality, control ... Read More »

Nokia launched Android N1 Tablet

Nokia n 1 tablet

After selling its services unit and devices to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, Nokia is back in business with unveiling its N1 Android tablet. Just like iPad mini, Nokia N1 comes with same 7.9 inch screen dimension and same 2048 x 1536 resolutions. It can be maintained that N1 has proximity with the rear of the iPad mini courtesy cautious placement ... Read More »

Skype for Web Launched in Beta by Microsoft


Skype has been endeavoring to go through hurdles to communication for more than ten years by being at the front position of real-time voice and video. At this time Microsoft has made Skype accessible on computers, mobile phones, TVs and even games consoles. growing to diverse platforms has helped the company to grow over 2 billion daily minutes (that’s over ... Read More »

Top 9 PayPal Alternatives

no logo-paypal

With a considerable development in the field of technology, there are various inventions which have made it easier to move in life and deal with a number of matters. One of such developments concerning the use of technology, there is one invention which has transformed the lives, especially of those who don’t have much time to leave their work in ... Read More »