Sunday , 23 November 2014

iOS in the Car Models and Manufacturers for Apple CarPlay


Previously launched as iOS in the Car, CarPlay is a standard developed by Apple Inc. to let devices running the iOS operating system to function with built-in display units of automobile dashboards. It is available for all iPhones that use the lightning connector and operate iOS 7.1 or later. CarPaly aimed at providing direct access to iOS device functionality, control ... Read More »

Nokia launched Android N1 Tablet

Nokia n 1 tablet

After selling its services unit and devices to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, Nokia is back in business with unveiling its N1 Android tablet. Just like iPad mini, Nokia N1 comes with same 7.9 inch screen dimension and same 2048 x 1536 resolutions. It can be maintained that N1 has proximity with the rear of the iPad mini courtesy cautious placement ... Read More »

Skype for Web Launched in Beta by Microsoft


Skype has been endeavoring to go through hurdles to communication for more than ten years by being at the front position of real-time voice and video. At this time we’ve made Skype accessible on computers, mobile phones, TVs and even games consoles. growing to diverse platforms has helped us grow to over 2 billion daily minutes (that’s over 33 million ... Read More »

Top 9 PayPal Alternatives

no logo-paypal

With a considerable development in the field of technology, there are various inventions which have made it easier to move in life and deal with a number of matters. One of such developments concerning the use of technology, there is one invention which has transformed the lives, especially of those who don’t have much time to leave their work in ... Read More »

Top 9 Online Code testing Websites to Test & Compile


A list of code testing Websites are listed here to facilitate web designers and developers in writing, testing and compiling their source codes with instant solutions for code written in PhP, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, Css3, Css etc. 1. jsfiddle is a website with a complete code compiler for the web developers and web designers to compile the codes like ... Read More »

Google Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Review


Google has launched the android jelly bean with its much awaited Nexus 7 II tablet in the last week. Fans of this game all over the globe were waiting for the release of the android 5.0 key lime pie but the Google has also launched android 4.3 jelly-beans with its unique qualities for the user. Android 4.3 is a new ... Read More »

Is it wise to wait for iPhone 5S or Should I buy iPhone 5?

iPhone 5S news

According to rumors iPhone 5S release date is approaching nearer quickly. The question on the minds of most of us is whether to buy iPhone 5 or wait until iPhone 5S is released. The question started to hit iPhone 4S owners with some intensity when they started to receive their current telecom company’s notifications asking them whether they want an ... Read More »

Google Nexus 7, Quad-Core and HD Screen – iPad Mini Killer ?


The original Google nexus 7 is more expensive that is why it is not successful in its launching. There are many claims related to the original model. In addition, many people claimed at the price of this new Google nexus 7. It is not a successful model of this year just because of the price it becomes unsuccessful model of ... Read More »

Star Trek Into Darkness App Released


Hey waiting Star Trek fans, your long wait for the next instalment is about to be over. The premiere of next Star Trek is scheduled in May this year. Director J.J. Abram’s next release of the sequel is named “Star Trek Into Darkness”. To keep the fans in touch and informed as well as giving the fans a chance to ... Read More »

Twitter Under Hackers Attack


Twitter admitted recently in a micro-blog post that they found some unusual access patterns on some user accounts. In retaliation they withdrew access from all suspicious accounts as the anonymous hackers might have stolen user data and personal information from their accounts. These compromised accounts are around 250,000 in number. Although Twitter mentioned the two large scale attacks on Wall ... Read More »

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is upgraded with Video Chat feature


BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins and head of software development for BlackBerry Vivek Bhardwaj not only announced but also demonstrated the video chat features which are the latest inclusions in BlackBerry 10 system. You can now make audio and video calls on BBM. In addition the users are now able to share their screens with each other during the conversation. BlackBerry ... Read More »

Official Announcement of Apple’s iPad 128GB


Till yesterday it seemed like another rumor that Apple is launching a 128GB iPad but the rumor has turned into reality as Apple has officially confirmed that they are releasing the iPad 128GB. There is no difference between the shape of 128GB Apple iPad and the one currently in the market. The only difference is the storage capacity of the ... Read More »

“Infinite Street View” by Noah Veltman

If you know what place do you want to check in Google map or even sometimes you don’t know the exact location, you can still trace it down in Google maps. Isn’t it a great tool by Google? It certainly is. But it the street view of Google is rather restricted and it will force you to keep travelling down ... Read More »

BlackBerry released Q10 and Z10

  Research In Motion also known as BlackBerry now, finally revealed two new phones. Remember this is after a long delay that RIM has released new phones. Both of these new phones are operated by BlackBerry 10 system. Q10 and Z10 are the new phones. Q10 contains a physical keyboard. On the other hand Z10 contains a touch-screen keyboard. Z10 ... Read More »