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Temple Run 2 For iOS Released


With over 170 million downloads Temple Run is one of the most successful and addictive games. The first game was released in August 2011 with the name of Temple Run and because of its popularity among other games it was downloaded about 2.5 million times on Christmas Day 2012 alone.


Well the sequel to the most popular iOS and Android games Temple Run is now available for iOS users.And the extra ordinary thing about Temple Run 2 is that it reaches the very top of the charts in the iTunes App Store in less then a day, and it is currently free to download on iOS devices.


Keith Shepherd, who co-founded Imangi with his partner Natalia Luckyanova said

“The original is an awesome game, for what it was, but we wanted to do some radically different things, and improve the graphics, so we knew we’d have to start afresh. Take a step back and rewrite the game from scratch, taking the lessons on what worked well and what didn’t work so well in Temple Run.”

While the theme of the game is same as the Temple Run but with the addition of improved visuals,  zip-lines, mines and a forest it becomes more interesting and amazing game.But not only that it also includes new obstacles, more power-ups, more achievements, special powers, and bigger monkeys, and there are also four playable characters, each with their own attributes and up-gradable abilities.

Keith Shepherd as talking about game added,

“We wanted to set out and do all the things we wanted to do with Temple Run but we couldn’t fit in.”

“It feels like a bigger, better, more awesome version of the first game,” he added.

This is one of the most popular game among millions of people.



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  1. I was really waiting for this game :D

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